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Extensive experience in building automation and energy


Do you have a construction company or doing electrical installations and are looking for home automation systems the can optimize energy savings or comfort?​

We can provide a complete plan including programming of the system remotely. You do the traditional installation with guidance and support from us.

We use LOXONE controllers that if needed can connect to KNX, DALI, Modbus and other building automation components. Recent projects include optimizing energy savings by controlling the heating according to the electricity grid price.

You can get a system that is completely independent that will do what it is supposed to without the need for you or the customer to interact. We also provide premium service that include updates and customization of the the customers automation system if needed.

The automation system includes control and visualization in App, tablet or PC if needed.


We provide simulations for solar PV systems using professional tools like PV-Sol. Simulations give you the possibility to see a forecast of the production, choose the right Inverter for your installation, see the environmental benefits like how much carbon dioxide reduction the installation will give. We provide all necessary documentation needed to choose the right components and build an optimal installation.

You provide us with the details of the instillation place and we do all the calculations and send you a complete documentation.

Do you want more information ? Send us your contact information and we will get back to you.

Bulting automation schematic
Solar PV forecast
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