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Energy saving

Using home automation is an easy way to save energy with a small investment

Take control


With the high energy prices we have experienced lately it is a good idea to have good control over the energy usage in your house.

With a professional automation system you can make sure that you keep your energy consumption low and still have a good comfort. Depending on the heat source and heating system the house is equipped with there is different things you can do to optimize the energy savings. Some common things are:

- control heating with automatic Eco mode when you are not home or in rooms that aren't used

- if you have spot price let the system automatically reduce temperature when price is high and increase temperature in buffer tank or house when price is low

- control your lighting and make sure no lights are on more than necessary.

- if you have installed solar panels the system makes sure you use the produced energy optimally. If the energy price is low the self consumption is maximized to give maximum yield.

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Image by Arthur Lambillotte
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