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Home Control App


When you have a central controller that communicates with other systems in your house it becomes easier to take control. You don't have to learn many different systems from different manufacturers, everything in one place with a clean graphical interface.

Even if you want to optimize your energy saving you can make sure that the room temperature is comfortable when you get home from work. And you don't have to get up from the sofa to change the lighting.

With more advanced solutions you can have functions that makes your life easier in different situations. Not only can you control heating and lighting, you can control sound in every room, door locks and much more.

Image by Paige Cody


Comfort is not only having the right temperature and the optimal lighting. It is also knowing that everything is working good without having to constantly adjust and check things.

With a good home automation you can relax and be confident that your house is taken care of, the energy saving is optimal and you will get notified if there is something that needs your attention.

You have alarm for intrusion, water leakage, fire, doors or windows left open and many other benefits.

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