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We can help you plan your home automation to optimize energy savings.

With the high price on energy we have today it is always a good investment to have a good automation system that can reduce the cost for energy.

When building a new house you can get a professional solution for almost the same cost as a traditional electrical installation.

If you have a house and use electricity for heating or you install solar PV you can get great benefits by adding home automation


With home automation you get a high comfort and can easy monitor your house.

A good system needs no or very little input from the user. The automation system takes care of your house in the best possible way.

Benefits are among others, climate control, lighting control, surveillance and remote monitoring of the house.

It makes your life easier and keeps you informed of the status of your home.


Consulting in energy solutions like PV solar and building automation to optimize energy savings and comfort.


Complete project planning and programming of building automation. We use LOXONE controllers together with other home automation products for optimal performance.

We work together with construction companies and electrical installation companies that wants to offer advanced solutions to their customers but don't want to spend time and resources on planning, programming and keeping up with the latest technology.

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